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Kustom Kustom "X Series" 65-watt Mixing Amplifi er
Kustom Kustom "X Series" 65-watt Mixing Amplifi er
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For every live performance, a musician needs a microphone. Microphones can be used to capture vocals, adding voice to the music already created by a solo performer or a band. Microphones capture waves in the air and translate them into an electrical signal that is carried to an amplifier where the instrument and vocal music can be projected to an audience. Traditionally mics are wired, attached to cables that power the microphone and carry the signal away for amplification or recording. These microphones have several advantages for performers including; unlimited use because they have a direct power supply, no limits on the number of microphones used at once, and unmatched clarity of sound.
A wireless mic does not require a cable for power or sound, but instead relies on batteries for a power source. Sound captured by the microphone are transmitted using a small FM radio transmitter to nearby receiver, which is connected to the amplifier. Because each microphone requires a separate FM signal, it can limit the number of wireless microphones in use at any given time. The battery life of the wireless microphone is limited, and must be recharged for continued use. However, the added freedom of the wireless microphone allows musicians to roam the stage without trailing cables that can disconnect, tangle or trip the unwary performer.
Capturing and amplifying the sound of drums can be difficult. Just one microphone will not capture the full sound of the whole kit. It is important to have microphones designed to do the job. The drum kit microphone set has directional microphones, ones that are designed to pick up sound from only one specific direction. This is important when capturing the sound of an instrument like the drums because each microphone captures only the sound of a specific drum in the set.
In all its many forms, the Shure microphone has a reputation for quality, durability and clarity, standing up to the rigors of live performance, these microphones are professional grade!

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