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Tour Grade Universal Hardshell Bass Guitar Case
Tour Grade Universal Hardshell Bass Guitar Case
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Tour Grade hard shell wood case
Tour Grade hard shell wood case
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Getting from home to rehearsal to a gig and back again can be a challenge, so a guitar case is essential. A guitar case will product your favorite acoustic or electric guitar from damage and weather while being transported or stored. There are hard cases made of molded plastic or laminated wood that have been the traditional look of guitar cases. The latest guitar gig bag style features a cross-over between the hard and soft cases with a ballistic material case cover and rugged foam padding interior. These bags are strong and tough but light as well as weather-resistant. Soft cases have a nylon exterior with foam interior that protects your guitar from the bumps of moving from place to place. The soft gig bags also feature pockets for sheet music, strings, picks and other necessary items.
A metronome is used by musicians to keep a steady tempo. The desired tempo is set and the metronome will produce that pattern for the length of a practice session. Musicians also use the metronome to set the tempo if they are composing music. The traditional metronome is a mechanical device with a swinging pendulum in a small box. Still in use today, the wind-up metronome is simple and reliable. However, the latest technology has produced pocket-sized electric metronomes that are portable, rugged and versatile. Many of these devices also produce a tuning note to allow musicians to tune their guitars while on the go.
A guitar can be tuned in a variety of ways and musicians need to be able to tune their instruments accurately for the piece that they are playing. Using an electric guitar tuner allows musicians to accurately obtain the pitch that they need for each string. Most guitar tuners work in two ways, for electric guitars you can plug a jack directly into the tuner which then displays information on a digital screen, while an acoustic guitar relies on a tuner's built-in microphone to detect the sound and then display the same information. The guitar tuner displays can vary from a black needle that moves over a white background with numbers to LCD screens that display a digital "needle" or letters to help musicians tune their instruments. These displays indicate how sharp or flat a note is, allowing musicians to turn the tuning peg and change the tension of the string.

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